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Why is our product superior?

At Performance Pet Foods, we use the latest state-of-the-art Drying Technology enabling us to consistently produce the highest standard of product in the marketplace.

A key component is our computer-controlled smart timers, allowing us to gradually increase temperature in stages throughout the one cycle automatically, which eliminates case hardening of the product. This also ensures adequate moisture removal leaving an even moisture content throughout the product, stopping growth of mould and ensuring foodborne pathogens are eliminated.

All products reach a core temperature of 72 degrees Celcius, for at least 15 hours throughout each cycle. We do not dry in shipping containers like some of our competitors, and consistenly produce the same high standard in every batch, giving our customers the peace of mind each time they order about the quality they will receive.

» Learn more about our HACCP accredited facility.

All products are single ingredient.

  • • Try to make sure you’re dogs have eaten first and give a treat later or at least try to make sure your dogs don’t have treats on an empty stomach to avoid sensitivity as some treats can be quite rich.
  • • Do not give your dog too many treats, it will not make them feel too good later, the same as a human gorging themselves on chocolate.
  • • Make sure you observe your pets eating mannerisms as pets will tend to gulp their food especially treats which can become a choking hazard.

All imported treats are subject to Australia's strict bio-security and quarantine laws, and go through a process of gamma irradiation to kill any potentially hazardous threats to our ecosystem. Performance Pet Foods does not advocate this process and would like to make consumers aware of the difference and risks associated with imported products. Read more...

  • Beef Jerky

  • Beef Liver

  • Beef Mince

  • Beef Puff

  • Beef Tube

  • Bull Pizzle

  • Chicken Neck

  • Chicken Wing Tips

  • Cow Hooves

  • Fish Jerky

  • Green Lip Mussel

  • Lamb Liver

  • Lamb Puff Cubes

  • Pig Ear

  • Pig Snout

  • Pork Mountain Oyster (Pork Balls)

  • Pork Puff

  • Pork Trotter Split

  • Roo Cartilage Chew (Knee Caps)

  • Roo Heart

  • Roo Jerky

  • Roo Kidney

  • Roo Liver

  • Roo Mince

  • Roo Puff

  • Roo Rib

  • Roo Shoulder Bone

  • Roo Strips (Belly Flap)

  • Roo Tails

  • Roo Tendon

  • Roo Tube