Why Are Performance Pet Foods & Treats Superior?

At Performance Pet Foods, we use the latest state-of-the-art Drying Technology enabling us to consistently produce the highest standard of product in the marketplace.

A key component is our computer-controlled smart timers, allowing us to gradually increase temperature in stages throughout the one cycle automatically, which eliminates case hardening of the product.

This also ensures adequate moisture removal leaving an even moisture content throughout the product, stopping growth of mould and ensuring foodborne pathogens are eliminated. All products reach a core temperature for a period of time which has been scientifically proven to sufficiently overcome these threats.

We consistently produce the same high standard in every batch, giving our customers, peace of mind about the quality they receive each time they order.

  • Pet Treats

    Your pets will absolutely love our treats because they are of the highest quality, with no preservatives, just 100% dried meat!

  • Quality Products

    We provide treats for your pets that will exceed expectation all within a quality re-sealable bag.

  • High Standards

    All Performance Pet Foods products reach a core temperature for a period of time which has been scientifically proven to sufficiently eliminate food pathagens.

  • Variety of Products

    We manufacture a great variety of healthy pet foods for all dogs big to small. There's a treat suitable for all dog types.

  • Our Factory

    All of our Premium Pet Food Products are processed within our own certified factory premises.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Healthy animals are happy animals! Our customers referals and reviews are something we are proud of and take pride in. We are always looking at ways to exceed our customers expectations.

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  • Wild Roo Tubes

    One of our highest selling Premium dog treats that are deliciously crunchy and packed full of flavour!

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  • Roo Cartilage Chews

    Premium Kangaroo Cartilage Chews are low in fat and provide a great long lasting chew & dental aid.

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  • Beef Pizzle

    High in Protein & low in Cholesterol, Beef Pizzle sticks are great for helping plaque & tarter removal.

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  • Wild Roo Rib Rack

    A Kangaroo Premium dog treat that is perfect for medium to large dogs, low in fat & allergen free.

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  • Wild Roo Strips

    Our Premium Kangaroo Strips are low in fat, high in protein and can be broken up for easy training.

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  • Wild Roo Tail Tips

    Our Premium Kangaroo Tail Tips are a low fat & allergen free. They are full of flavour with a great crunch!

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  • Wild Roo Back Bone

    Our Premium Roo Back Bones are high in Calcium for great bone heath and great for all dog sizes!

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  • More Variety

    View more of the Performance Pet Foods healthy and natural range of dried dog treats today!

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Here what our happy customers are saying about Performance Pet Foods!

"We are extremely happy that we chose to do our shopping here. The quality of the pet food is second to none. Delivery is reliable with good packaging. Above all my 2 dogs and cat are doing really well since I changed their diet to Performance Pet Foods six months ago."

Jessica D. ★★★★★

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"I love this site and my pets love the food! No more lugging heavy packs of pet food to the car and having to rush home before it spills."

Madeline S. ★★★★★

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"Most economical and best quality pet food I can find anywhere."

Emma K. ★★★★★

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